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Front cupboard door  open on the Resolute Desk

Rear of Resolute Desk replica showing drawers

close-up of carving on Resolute Desk Replica

close-up of leather tooling on Resolute Desk Replica

This imposing Resolute desk is a replica of the one given to President Rutherford Hayes by Queen Victoria in 1880.

Most Presidents have used it, but perhaps it became most famous with the help of John F Kennedy Jr.!!!

Queen Victoria's original Brass Dedication Plaque has been replicated. You can either have it facing outwards as President Kennedy did, or inwards facing your chair as it has been used since it was brought back to the White House by President Carter.

Note also the Presidential Crest in its correct pre-Truman form: the eagle is facing the arrows of war. President Truman thought the crest reflected the Presidency as being too warlike and changed the crest so that the eagle prefers the olive branches of peace

The top measures a presidential 72" by 48" and is covered with a SINGLE hide of tooled leather in a beautiful antique brown color. We also offer a mid-size version 60" x 36" for use where space is a consideration. Click here to see the mid-size Resolute Desk.

Each pedestal contains a file drawer and a letter drawer behind a lockable cupboard door.

In our on-going efforts to make our replica as authentic as possible, we now provide, as a separate item, President Reagan's plinth which raises the height of the desk by 2" to accomodate taller owners more comfortably. The desk is 29" high without the plinth, and 31" high when it is in place.

The construction is solid first-grade mahogany of the honduras type - which is grown on old Dutch plantations - and the wonderful detailed victorian carving faithfully duplicates the original.

We have sold over 120 of these fine desks since we started offering them in 2004.

This is a very substantial desk of superior quality. We are able to offer it at a reasonable price by offering only one finish and leather color option.

Our desk is on display in the Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon Presidential Libraries, both in the Los Angeles area.

Our desk can be seen at Madame Tussauds at these locations: New York, Washington DC, Hollywood, Las Vegas, London, Vienna, Hong Kong and Sydney !

Currently it is featured in the ABC drama "Designated Survivor".

It was also featured in the movie National Treasure 2 : The Book of Secrets with Nicholas Cage.

Call me any time - I will be delighted to answer your questions about it.

Ask me for a quote with delivery and set-up in your home or office in USA (let me know your zipcode).

Call or text David Newton +1 415 552 6367 or send an e-mail to

I can also quote International freight and transit time to any Sea Port or Airport !!

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History of the Resolute Desk

History of the Resolute Desk

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When the HMS Resolute was broken up, two more desks were made:

The second is a Writing Table which was kept for many years in Buckingham Palace, but is now on loan to the Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth England. As can be seen, the style and carving detail of this writing table are completely different from the Resolute Desk.

The non-idential twin Resolute Desk

It bears a brass plate with an inscription with similar - but not identical - wording to that on the Resolute Desk

Brass Plaque on the Writing Table

The third desk, a delicately fashioned lady's desk known as the "Queen Victoria Desk" or the "Grinnell Desk" was a gift from the Queen to Henry Grinnell's widow (Henry died in 1874), in gratitude for his contribution toward the Franklin rescue attempts. In 1983 it was presented by Peter S. Grinnell to the New Bedford Whaling Museum where it is on display.

Grinnell Desk

There has been some confusion about whether yet another desk exists that is an identical twin to the one in the Oval Office. We wrote to the Royal Collection at St James's Palace in London to ask for clarification, and they were kind enough to send us this reply:

I am afraid that in reality there was never any twin desk made. As I am sure you are aware, the famous desk in the Oval Office of the White House was made from the timbers of the HMS Resolute. Papers in the Royal Archives do confirm there was also a small writing table made for Queen Victoria. This is the table you have seen which is now at the Royal Naval Museum in Portsmouth. As you have noticed, it is much smaller and different in style from the Presidents desk, and cannot really be described as a twin.


David Newton, Owner

Thank you for your interest in the Antique Replica Furniture. Since 1990, Victorian Replicas has been importing pieces which faithfully replicate the materials and methods used 200 and more years ago.

We have many different hand-carved mahogany replicas of English Antiques in Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Regency, Queen Anne and english Victorian styles. We have a 48 page color catalog which shows some 500 different items: Chairs, foot stools, duet stools, dining tables, beds, sofas, cabinets, mirrors, etc. etc. This collection was developed over many years by select Antique Dealers such as D.C. Stuart of Bournemouth, England. The catalog is available for a small charge to cover air-freight and postage charges.

I think the main feature of the furniture that we sell is the QUALITY that is a result of the relationship that we have built up with our supplier of over 20 years. Quality starts with his contracts with the government-supervised mahogany plantations and continues through final sanding, assembly and finishing. This control gives us the confidence to offer you furniture that is well-made from best quality wood - true replicas of quality pieces that have stood the test of time and that should give you and your family pleasure for generations to come!

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